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Welcome to InterAction and The WordMaps Project

The first not sighted users are skim-reading and navigating texts with the WordMaps technology and user tests are under way in the area of dyslexia.
If you are interested in these areas or business applications of the technology,
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Margrethevej 28, DK-2900 Hellerup, VAT 1261 6279,
Att. Olfert Rahbek, +45 4052 3114

More information on the WordMaps Project
is available at Olfert Rahbek's LinkedIn profile:


At this time, December 2014, the WordMaps model recognizes more than 3,3 million words in up to 10 languages. More than 1,4 million distinctions have been implemented, thus operationalising a comprehensive model of meaning.


In short, about the WordMaps Project: News Readers, Information Analysts, and other groups of Information Consumers are ready for a new generation of interfaces that must generate the feeling of being understood as we would wish to be understood when interacting with other human beings.
An emergent generation of new, satisfying interfaces is not obtained without heavy investments in semantics. WordMaps is a multi-lingual project that spans needs in the media industry, the education industry, health services, services for blind people and dyslectics, and other services that are yet to be imagined. What is known as “search-by-example” is now possible because WordMaps recognizes more than 3,3 million words in up to 10 languages and knows how to make more than 1,4 million meaningful distinctions. Solutions based upon the WordsMaps technology are highly scalable and offer the potential to revolutionize select industries by creating new solutions to everyday needs.